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Seasoned professionals adept at providing innovative solutions to challenging issues in Healthcare and IP

About Us

Intelligience started operations in January 2019 with the objective of providing cutting-edge services in the healthcare, IP and technology research space. Our founders have previously worked in various healthcare business research and IP-research companies and hence they are well-acquainted with the overall industry scenario. With this knowledge, they felt that there is a strong need for a consulting services company that truly understands the industry's requirements and delivers consistent performance day in and day out. Till date, we have been successfully able to hold on to these values and we are confident of doing it in future. Through our combined expertise in the healthcare research and IP-research segments, we seek to intelligently combine patent and market data to provide insightful and strategic consulting in the healthcare domain.

At Intelligience, we take immense pride in our team and their shared ideology. Everyone at Intelligience believes that today's complex business environment requires a very innovative and solution-driven approach towards all research services.

Intelligience is not a company that will blindly say yes to each and any type of work just for the sake of numbers. We put highest levels of emphasis on output quality; we will not accept any work if we feel we cannot deliver the best results - that's Intelligience for you.

The average work experience of the team is 7+ years. Quality work requires exceptional teams, both skill wise and in terms of intuition levels, which is what makes us stand apart. Coming from different specialties, we are a boutique consulting firm that can work with the client, and for the client to create value.

We work to create excellence and value, whilst striving to create our own niche, as a standalone, one stop shop for companies who seek solutions and are willing to go beyond the conventional approach, to get what is necessary, and not be satisfied with what just meets the eye.

At Intelligience, we thoroughly believe, it is very important for the client to know us and vice versa. This is because solutions are generated only when we work as a team; an extended arm. We believe in inclusion and participative mindset.  

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